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In Focus: Eastmond Apparel Selvedge Denim Trousers

We love when people slide into our Instagram DM's and introduce themselves to us. Granted, not everything will always be for us, but shooting us a message directly and making sure we have eyes on a product, or a brand as a whole, is one way to get yourself a feature.

So when Eastmond Apparel said hello, highlighting themselves as a small batch producer of Made in the UK clothing using British fabrics, we knew we were about to see something good. Enter the recently launched Selvedge Denim Trousers, inspired by US army chinos, but very much a product of the UK. The trousers are built from a robust 13oz cotton and linen denim produced by Hewitt in the North of England. The denim has a beautiful marbled fleck, brought on by the 1950's shuttle loom the fabric is woven on.

New paragraph needed for the insane amount of detailing and fit considerations on these trousers. Featuring a two piece fly, patch pockets on the rear of the garment and shaped slant pockets on the sides, and just for good measure, a selvedge coin pocket. The trousers are mid-rise, with a roomy fit through the thigh giving us a good size leg opening.

Eastmond Apparel was launched in 2021, with the ambition to create pieces that are constructed to the highest level and stand the test of time. The background in vintage clothing is clear to see on this pair of kecks, with not a single detail forgotten or misplaced and the garment being so beautiful in its simplicity and functionality.

The Selvedge Denim Trousers by Eastmond Apparel are available on their website now. You can grab a pair here.


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